Swift Talk

A weekly video series on Swift programming.

#57 Certificate Pinning 24:31

Today we're joined by Rob Napier, who explains why and how to add certificate pinning to your app.

  1. Foundation
  2. Security
July 7, 2017

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#28 Typed Notifications (Part 2) 18:02

We extend the typed notifications code from the last episode to custom notifications and discuss an alternative protocol-based approach.

#27 Typed Notifications (Part 1) 17:52

We build a lightweight generic wrapper around Foundation's notification API. This allows us to abstract away common boilerplate code and to work with a type-safe interface.

#19 From Runtime Programming to Functions 23:05

We build a flexible sort descriptor abstraction, similar to NSSortDescriptor, on top of Swift's native sort methods. Because we make use of generics and first-class functions, the result is dynamic and type safe.