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A weekly video series on Swift programming.


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#72 Adding a Custom View to a View-State Driven App 33:31

We introduce a project we're going to work on over a few episodes. To get familiar with the code, we build a new feature using the app's view-state driven approach.

#17 Ledger GUI Architecture 18:31

We connect multiple view controllers using a central coordinating object and callback functions. Then we refactor the UI state into its own struct to simplify the control flow.

#23 Splitting Arrays 24:07

We talk about a familiar but surprisingly tricky problem: splitting an array into groups of elements. We discuss the pros and cons of our own solutions along with the solutions people sent us via Twitter!

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November 4, 2016

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#62 Testable View Controllers with Reducers 31:00

We show how the reducer pattern can be used to make typical view controller code more testable.


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#66 The Elm Architecture (Part 1) 16:39

We refactor our reducer-based project from episode #62 to use The Elm Architecture. Instead of interacting with UIKit directly, we build a virtual view hierarchy and let our Elm framework do the rest.