Swift Talk

A weekly video series on Swift programming.

#39 From Futures to Signals (Reactive Programming #3) 23:45

We build upon the Future type of a previous episode to implement a simple reactive library. Along the way, we dive into debugging a reference cycle in our implementation.


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#36 Futures (Reactive Programming #2) 17:30

We look at implementing a Futures type that we can use instead of callbacks. This is the first step toward a simple implementation of a reactive library.

#67 Reactive Data Structures: Linked Lists 25:58

We build a reactive linked list on top of reactive programming primitives. We implement a reduce method on this type, which does the minimum amount of work when the underlying data changes.

  1. Enums
  2. Reactive
  3. Types
  4. Collections
September 15, 2017

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#34 Reactive Programming 26:12

We take a look at reactive programming and see how it challenges us to think differently.


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#40 Signal Ownership and Subscriptions (Reactive Programming #4) 16:28

We add the ability to map over signals and control subscriptions in a more fine-grained manner. Along the way, we improve the signal ownership model and implement the concept of disposables.

#53 Test-Driven Reactive Programming at Kickstarter 38:47

This week Lisa joins us to demonstrate the test-driven approach to reactive programming taken at Kickstarter.


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#42 Thread Safety (Reactive Programming #5) 23:36

We make our Signal implementation thread-safe by safeguarding the access to shared resources.