Swift Talk

A weekly video series on Swift programming.

#75 Auto Layout with Key Paths 17:25

We clean up our layout code by introducing helper functions that leverage Swift's key paths.

  1. Refactoring
  2. UIKit
November 10, 2017

#73 View Bindings in Pure Swift 22:12

We experiment with reactive view bindings that don't rely on runtime programming.

#59 Refactoring with Xcode 9 12:34

We take a look at the new refactoring features of Xcode 9, including renaming, extracting expressions, extracting methods, and more.

  1. Xcode
  2. Refactoring
July 21, 2017

#25 Network Caching 23:33

We come back to our unfinished Swift Talk iOS app and implement a lightweight network cache for offline support. We keep our networking code from episode #1 untouched to maintain a clear separation of concerns.

#11 Evaluating Expressions 29:36

We write an evaluator for a simple expression language. We write our code in a test-driven way, which saves us time and helps us verify the correctness the code.

#5 Connecting View Controllers 20:14

We refactor our code by moving the app's flow from the storyboard into a separate class. Our goal is to manage the view controller flow from a central place so that view controllers don't have implicit knowledge of their context.