Swift Talk

A weekly video series on Swift programming.


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#46 Combined Class and Protocol Requirements 15:59

We look at multiple ways to create variables that have a class type but also conform to a protocol.

  1. Classes
  2. UIKit
  3. Protocols
April 21, 2017

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#24 Delegates & Callbacks 15:29

We discuss the pros and cons of delegates versus callback functions and why delegate protocols are always class only.


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#14 Growing Trees with Classes and Structs 28:11

We build a tree structure beginning with a flat array of Ledger account names. We first implement the tree using a class, and then we refactor it to a struct and discuss the differences and tradeoffs involved.

#61 Mutable Shared Structs (Part 1) 30:10

We build an experimental data type that combines the advantages of both structs and classes. It allows shared mutable state while preserving the features of structs to make easy copies and observe changes.

#63 Mutable Shared Structs (Part 2) 22:59

We continue to experiment with our hybrid struct/class data type and incorporate the ability to add and remove more fine-grained observers.

#29 Protocols & Class Hierarchies 16:02

We refactor a class hierarchy using a protocol and discuss the differences between both approaches.


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#48 Server-Side Swift: Interfacing with PostgreSQL 28:50

We start writing a lightweight wrapper around the libpq C library to interface with PostgreSQL.